RAJAB PASHA leadership in Breeding goats

RAJAB PASHA leadership in Breeding goats

Our history

Mr. Rajab began his work in the sheep and cattle trade in 1875 in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in addition to trade, Mr. Recep livestock and then the profession has moved to his children, including Mr. Ahmed Rajab, who has expanded his company to include export and trade with the province of Aleppo and the city of Jerusalem in Palestine and became the company's important site in this area that the company has moved to Haj Karim Rajab, who developed the work according to the contracted farms pattern and achieved this pattern Fouad important in livestock development and support educators

    Current vision


Today the company is working on the development of goat and sheep breeding and milk production according to the latest global education patterns and use the latest breeding farm equipment




Adoption of the company's policy to work in the field of education and production of livestock and feed production, according to the latest modern methods and aims to develop the work by relying on scientific dedicated staff and expand the field of education and production of improved varieties of goats and sheep

As part of its objectives the establishment of laboratories to develop varieties and improve the quality of production in terms of the production of varieties with high productivity in terms of the amount of milk and the twins and weight




Recep Pasha company began expanding territories across events new project to raise goats and sheep and dairy production, where the company operates in the states of Bali Stock Exchange and a broken other than the Turkish

We have to raise goats and sheep and dairy farms in both Iraq and Jordan

We are working on the import and export of all goats and sheep and cows types

"Our motto originality and roots and keep pace with science and technology make the future"

Recep company Pasha family business rooted in the profession raising sheep and cattle values ​​and recognizes the importance of the agricultural sector through the animal integrate the industrial sector.


                                                                    Chairman of Board of Directors

                                                                                     ADHAM KAREEM RAJAB

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