saanen goat

Milk rate:      1000- 1100 liters annuallyFat content:    4%Milk Duration:   300 dayMeat:                 good tasteOf births:            HighResistance: good female excellent health under the supervision of a health flourFeed consumption: less than 25%.

alpin goat

Milk rate: 850-900 liters annually exude a two-year without interruption      Fat content: 3.5 to 4%      Of births: Twins or three      Resistance: good      Feed consumption rate: 50%

boar goat

Milk rate: 300-350 liters per yearFat content: 4%Births attended: OneResistance: Very goodFodder consumption rate: 60%Meat: very good and there is a high demand on its flesh

Shami goat

Milk rate: 400 liters per year  the proportion of fat 4- 4.5% Of births: High resistance: High

Murcia - Granada goat

Milk rate:800 liters per yearFat content: 3.5%Births attended: tow

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